When you are arrested or cited for a driving offense, call us. We will go to court for you and explain the process of traffic court. We help protect you and your family for collateral consequenses of criminal traffic.

We also handled administrative hearings with the department of highway safety and motor vehicles to preserve your priviledge to drive. We we make sure that your civil citations are handled at the same time as your criminal case so you do not have to worry about going to court.

We handle all driving and boating offenses including, BUI, Civil Infractions/Traffic Court, DUI, Fleeing and Eluding, Reckless Driving, DUI Manslaughter, and Vehicular Homicide.


A DUI can affect anyone.  Many attorneys claim to handle DUIs, but our attorneys have handled many DUIs, tried multiple cases and are familiar with the law regarding lawful traffic stops, and DUI investigation including blood, urine, and breath tests.

Our award-winning attorney, Shannon Schott has been honored as a Super Lawyer Rising Star annually for her excellent work helping people charged with DUI/DWI. 

Traffic Homicide

When a life is loss in a traffic crash, we are here to help you.  We can advise you on how to cooperate with investigators and discuss your options during one of the worst times of your life.

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