Experienced Criminal Lawyers

We have successfully represented thousands of Defendants with the best possible representation.  We are able to handle your case from the moment you are suspected of a crime and provide the answers to your most pressing questions like what you should do after you’re arrested.

Trial Experience

We have tried more than 30 criminal jury trials and bench trials. We file pre-trial motions like Motions to Suppress and Motions to Dismiss. We handle all hearings including, Bond, Stand Your Ground, & Violation of Probation.

High-Profile Case Experience

We have represented  high-profile defendants, and helped our clients navigate the media when the public is interested in your case. 

We Help Good People Who Have Bad Days

We understand that committing a crime doesn’t always make you a “criminal.” We show the government that you’re more than a Defendant by gathering mitigation or good information about you and your life.