Eight years ago, the very private, and modest sports reporter, Erin Andrews was violated in a way that many of us will never understand.  Not only was she secretly recorded by a serial stalker, but her celebrity worked against her…more than 16 million people (and counting) viewed the illegally recorded video once the word got out that it existed.  Also, it can never be deleted everywhere according to experts.
One incident of video voyeurism is enough to send someone to prison for five years in Florida with enhanced penalties for subsequent offenses.  Whether you are famous or relatively unknown, the act can violate you to your core.  What’s worse is when that video is forever memorialized online for the world to see.  The hope for any victim is that the least amount of people possible see it.  
So what do you do?  The local prosecutor will likely take this offense very seriously, and justice will likely be served.  But no justice or amount of money will ever make you whole after such a atrocious invasion of privacy.  It may, however, prevent the responsible parties and third parties from allowing the violation to happen again.
Erin Andrews’ trial for the civil lawsuit that she filed against the hotel she was at when the offense occurred started last week.  The hotel, she claims, is to blame because they released her room number to the inquiring criminal who sought her out and followed her there.  A hospitality expert (yep, those exist) testified earlier in the week that giving out that information is a cardinal sin in the hotel industry. 
Last week we heard from her father who explains that Erin Andrews is a shell of the person that she used to be. Today, Erin Andrews will take the stand to explain how this act has forever altered her life and negatively affected her.   Rather than quietly struggle, she is standing up for victims everywhere.   Her struggled has inspired Tennessee legislators to pass a bill requiring that voyeurs register as sex offenders.  It only took them 8 years, $75 million and infinite media attention to make the change.  The point is, that they are making a change.  
Our thoughts and prayers are with Erin Andrews as she pushes through the end of this very public trial.  
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