High Profile Cases

Belkis Plata and Shannon Schott have both handled cases that made headlines.  Check out some of those cases below.

CBS 48 Hours: Live To Tell – Inside the World of Human Trafficking, CBS News, March 31, 2018

Teen Attacked in Detention Center Could Change State Law, First Coast News, April 30, 2018

Jacksonville law firm to host weddings after courthouse shuts couples out, LGBTQNation.com

Leonard Dillard: Charges Dismissed after Second Stand Your Ground Hearing, Florida Times-Union, November 21, 2015

Stand your Ground law not working as intending despite changing self-defense, Florida Times-Union, November 21, 2015

Police Destroy Evidence in Aggravated Assault case, Florida Times-Union December 12, 2012

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Legal Commentary

Belkis Plata and Shannon Schott, both experts in Juvenile Law and respected members of the legal community frequently provide legal commentary on various legal issues.

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Manhunt Continues for Escaped Jacksonville Inmate, First Coast News, June 16, 2015

The Chat, First Coast New, April 18, 2016

Mother unable to attend son’s funeral despite raising enough money, First Coast News, December 10, 2016

The Chat, First Coast News, February 15, 2016

Published Work

Belkis Plata and Shannon Schott have written a variety of articles that have been published.

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The Medical Marijuana Debate: Don’t deprive citizens of treatment, by Belkis Plata, Jacksonville Daily Record, August 8, 2017

Young Lawyers: The secret to success in a small law firm, by Shannon Schott, Jacksonville Daily Record, August 6, 2018

We Must Be Prepared for the Inevitable,  by Shannon Schott, Jacksonville Daily Record, October 3, 2019



Belkis Plata and Shannon Schott are frequently honored and awarded in our community.  Find out more below.

Ultimate Attorneys Award: Shannon Schott, Jacksonville Business Journal, February 13, 2020

Leaders In the Law: Belkis Plata, Jacksonville Daily Record, February 6, 2020
Belkis honored at the Florida Supreme Court, Florida Bar Journal, January 13, 2020 

Jacksonville Lawyers Selected for The Florida Bar Pro Bono Award, Jacksonville Daily Record, January 10, 2020

Leaders in the Law: Shannon Schott, Jacksonville Daily Record, January 9, 2020

Attorneys Earn Board Certification, Jacksonville Daily Record, August 28, 2017

Shannon Schott, Super Lawyer Rising Star, Jacksonville Magazine, August 2018

Youngest Latina to Own Law Firm in Northeast Florida to be Honored at State Capitol, Florida Times-Union February 9, 2015

Family and Friends Throw Surprise Homecoming for Lady After Last Chemo Session, MSN.com 8/15/18

Shannon Schott, 2018 Ultimate Attorney Awards, Jacksonville Business Journal, March 26, 2018

Our client, Max finds hidden cameras in his Airbnb and takes legal action.